Botanicals enhance your natural beauty

RevitaLash is a posh line of natural botanical products to enhance the look of your lashes and hair.  RevitaLash was designed by a doctor to help his wife regain the beauty of her lush eyelashes after chemotherapy.

The line is sold at better department stores and spas. It is beautifully packaged. RevitaLash offers an alternative to prescription lash enhancers.
RevitaLash Advanced contains what the company describes as, “a proprietary blend of proven functional cosmetic ingredients pioneered by Athena Cosmetic Inc.,” combined peptides and botanicals, to beautify and nourish eyelashes.
RevitaLash also offers:
Mascara by RevitaLash, a blue-black fiber mascara.
Primer from RevitaLash is designed to help mascara adhere better to your eyelashes. There is a blue colour intended to enhance eye color and mascara colour.
RevitaBrow is a blend of botanicals and peptides designed to help make eyelashes thicker and fuller.
This line is a great alternative to prescription products if you want to pamper your lashes naturally. We love the blue tinted mascara primer.