Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl

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Gracey Hitchcock, Editor

Gracey Hitchcock, Editor


One of the biggest benefits of my career as a magazine editor is that I get to talk to experts

– often the best in their fields – on many topics. And most are very generous with information.

When it comes to getting out of a rut, or making a tough transformation,

every single one of them has mentioned the need to silence that tough inner critic:

the one who cuts you down and plants the seeds of doubt and failure.

Melissa Ambrosini’s Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl is a workbook for any

young woman struggling to find self-love. Melissa is a great guide.Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl

She has been there, done that, and developed a plan to beat the mean girl living

in most of us. Successful model and former child star, Melissa Ambrosiana crashed

young and hard.  After indulging in drugs and the party scene – Melissa had heart broken.

The slim model ended up on “yoyo” diets when she turned to comfort eating. Finally, she found her way out of depression and self-sabotage through self- love.

I like this book and its workbook approach. I plan to give it to several young women struggling to find their own power.


Until next week take time to find the sweet spot in life!

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