If you could start over, would you?

Forgotten: A novel by Catherine McKenzie, asks the question, if you could start over , would you?
Feisty, young lawyer Emma Tupper is about to become a partner in her law firm when her mother’s dying wish sends her on an unwanted trip to Africa. Once there she is trapped for months and presumed dead.
When Emma returns she finds much of her life has disappeared. Her apartment is occupied and many of her belongings are gone. Her office now belongs to her arch rival.
As Emma struggles to regain her old life, she is forced to ask whether she really wants it all back.
Forgotten is the third novel by bestselling Montreal novelist, Catherine McKenzie. She is a lawyer and part-time law instructor, with a deft ear for the modern career-woman’s angst.  Forgotten is a deceptively light-hearted romance that will resonate with many women.