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Sarah MacLean’s Never Judge a Lady by Her Cover may be the sexiest volume in her best-selling Rules of Scoundrels series.

In this final tale of the series, Chase, the mastermind of the Notorious Fallen Angel Gambling Club decided it is time to return to society as Lady Georgiana, the disgraced sister of a Duke. She resolves that she must marry a title and ensure her illegitimate daughters’s future in “society”.

But she suffers a return to society for her daughter’s sake. She wants to marry a titled husband who will overlook her past disgrace in exchange for her fortune and guarantee her daughter’s place in the world.

While attending her first ball, Georgiana runs into a group of “mean girls”. They taunt her with her past and cast aspersions on her daughter. She also comes face to face with powerful newspaper publisher and editor, Duncan West. He once ran a scandalous cartoon about her. West now feels badly about it and is determined to aid Georgiana’s return to society. He is however unaware of the details of her double life.

As the season progress Duncan falls in love with Georgiana. The two are drawn not only in to a burning hot romance but a dangerous web of lies.

This is a sensuous and serious romance that will have lovers of the genre swooning. Fans of the Series will be over the moon with this final stand-alone tale. It’s the perfect book to stay warm with on cold afternoon.