Wacky sexy spy adventure

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The Loving Daylights by Lynsay Sands is a crazy cross between James Bond and Austin Powers but for women. 

Jane Spyrus  is a brilliant but shy inventor for the secret crime-fighting organization B.L.I.S.S. Her parents and grandparents were all agents but she is too timid. 

Jane lives with her grandmother, Maggie, who was injured in a work-related spy accident.  Maggie was once one of the best agents in the business but now is sometimes confused as well as in wheelchair.

When Jane and Maggie’s next door neighbour’s  brother arrives for a visit and finds her missing there is reason to suspect she has been kidnapped.

Soon, Jane, Maggie, and her neighbour’s very attractive brother Abel Andretti are embroiled in a rescue which leads to a bigger spy caper.

Sand’s plot is totally silly but her characters are engaging. The Loving Daylights is a risky spy caper that romance lovers will adore.