Dim Sum at home, in minutes

So cute and so tasty too!I love all types of Asian food, and one of my favourites is Dim Sum. I adore the savory little morsels stuffed with seafood, meat, and vegetables. It’s always fun to search out the best Dim Sum in every new city. I have been lucky to live in and visit cities with wonderful Chinatowns, so I know good Dim Sum when I taste it.  

Recently, my husband found restaurant-perfect Dim Sum in the Asian food section our grocery. Labeled Kimbo Dim Sum Hap, the little dumplings were exquisitely presented. The package offered an assortment of four types of frozen shrimp dumplings. They were so pretty I could not wait to see if they were as delicious as they looked.
I simply microwaved them on a plate, tightly covered with plastic wrap for about four minutes.  They were perfect — as good, tasty, and delicate as any restaurant, and perhaps even better.
I served them with a quick dipping sauce of Ponzu (citrus- flavored soy sauce) with a dash of hot pepper sesame oil and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.
We will still go out for Dim Sum. It is just too much fun. But we loved these fancy little dumplings that are a treat for lunch. They would be fabulous as a novel cocktail treat, too. Check out your local Chinatown for frozen Dim Sum delicacies, and you may be pleasantly be surprised by the treasures you’ll find.
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