Better blonde and more luminous lights

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Brunettes and redheads who tint or highlight their hair complain that the colour quickly fades or goes brassy. But blondes know that even the best colourist’s magic is fragile. 

Rene Furterer, the exclusive French hair care line that uses science and botanicals to keep hair healthy, has a solution. I recently tried a sample of the Okara Active Light line. As with all Rene Furterer products, I could feel and see a subtle difference in my hair after the first use. Okra Active Light left my heavily highlighted hair shiny and easy to manage. I find fading a major issue as I wash my hair frequently after working out.   Anything that keeps my highlights bright while leaving my hair soft and shiny is a huge plus. 

According to Rene Furterer, “Okra Active Light combines a unique duo of natural ingredients that deeply repair and nourish to highlighted, bleached hair to enhance the brilliance of highlights. Natural Honey extract nourishes hair and prevents fading and yellowing while OKARA extract, a protein from the soybean, repairs damaged hair.” Okara extract is a source of amino acids that are essential to the creation of keratin. All the products in the line also contain Vitamin E. 

The line consists of light activating shampoo, light-activating conditioner, and light-activating leave-in fluid with a UV filter to prevent fading. 

Together these products work together help revive the brilliance of highlights and leave hair soft and shiny.

 The products cost $27 to $31.



Get Emily Blunt’s look

emilybluntClick on top title to open and scroll  Imagine having to “wow” crowds and journalists in three different cities – and all in 24 hours.

That is just what Emily Blunt and her fellow cast members had to do recently at back-to-back-to-back premieres in London, Paris, and New York for the new film Edge of TomorrowLani Reeves of Tomlinson Management Group created the distinctive red-carpet hair looks for Emily. 

“For the New York City premiere,” Lani explained, “I collaborated with Emily and makeup artist Jenn Streicher to come up with Emily’s look. We drew inspiration from the strapless Prada column gown in lipstick red, clashing with the hot pink accessories. From there I decided to create a sleek, classic, and simple side bun to echo the ultra-modern lines of Emily’s gown.”

Here is Lani’s step-by-step guide to Emily’s look:      Emily Blunt Right

First, I prepped Emily’s wet hair with René Furterer Vegetal Mousse and gave it a blowout with a soft-bristle round brush to smooth it out and get a sleek finish.

After misting her hair with René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray, using a soft-bristle flat brush, I brushed the hair into a low side part, brushing it over to the right side.

Next, I secured the ponytail with a hair band. I lightly sprayed the hair with René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray for extra hold and used a small amount of René Furterer Styling Wax to smooth any flyaways. When styling your own look, always make sure everything is perfect before preparing the bun.

To create texture, I lightly back-combed the ponytail, making the hair easier to secure. I then sprayed it again to add more hold.

I twisted the ponytail at the nape of the neck behind the ear into a bun and secured it with bobby pins. To finish, I sprayed the bun one last time with René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray for lasting hold.





Expert tips for rainy weather hair

rainyClick on the top title to open and scroll  Hurricane season has begun so get ready for challenging hair days. Rain and humidity can make hair frizz and flop. Celebrity hairstylist Paul Warren of the Art Department has tips to help hair look good on even on damp days. Paul used René Furterer products to help hair behave.

Here are Paul’s top tips:

Make sure your hair isn’t too dry to begin with. If your hair has a proper amount of moisture, humidity can’t penetrate into the cuticle (outer layer of hair shaft) to make your hair expand and frizz. Daily use of René Furterer CARTHAME no-rinse day time moisturizing conditioner will not only provide hair with instant hydration, but UV filters will also protect hair from harmful rays that can leave hair dry and brittle.  (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Don’t fuss over perfecting your blowout; let your hair be a little less “done.” This idea is akin to “easing into the turn,” the turn in this case being the elements. The less fussy the style is, the less obvious it will be that you got caught in the rain when your umbrella blew inside out. I love the way the KARITÉ leave-in nourishing cream softly controls rebellious hair, making it easier to style. A small amount applied to hair lengths of either dry or damp hair will make all the difference.

Try a lo-fi updo or braid – the less polished the better. One or two drops of René Furterer KARITÉ leave-in repairing serum before styling or after blow-drying is the perfect solution to manage hard-to-style, lackluster locks. This intensive treatment provides long-lasting nutrition and conditioning. It even helps to prevent split ends!

Get a good haircut, especially those of you with curly hair. The better the cut, the more chances you have for your hair to look fantastic no matter what Mother Nature brings your way. And to help keep frizz at bay, use René Furterer LISSEA leave-in smoothing fluid. It provides protection from humidity as well as from the heat of blow-dryers.

DolceDolce tips:

If you wash your hair every day on wet days, don’t. Instead just restyle. Freshly-washed hair can be harder to manage in very humid weather.

Have a busy day and it is raining heavily? Consider a braid. All types of braids are very trendy and your hair will look neat and tidy all day.



Revive dry damaged hair

Fabulous dress, stunning shoes, gorgeous make-up — all topped by dull, dry hair! What a disaster when your hair looks fried. You can style it, but until you find a way to bring it back to life, all the money in the world won’t save your look.

The Karité range of products from the exclusive French hair care line Rene Furterer brings back shine to the driest, dullest tresses.
It contains Karité oil or Shea oil that is a good source of essential fatty acids as well as being a natural UV filter. The products also contain phospholipids to help repair damaged strands, and "Cimentrio," a complex of phytosterols, ceramides, and essential fatty acids to help repair the hair’s keratin structure.
To revive dry, damaged hair:
Pre-treat dry locks with Karité Intense Nourishing Oil.
Wash gently with Karité Intense Nourishing Shampoo.
Follow with Karité Intense Nourishing Mask.
There are also two optional steps:
Karité No Rinse Nutritive Concentrate, a leave-in treatment to repair very damaged hair.
And No Rinse Repairing Serum leave-in with plant oil. This serum protects and repairs hair. It can be used to keep hair smooth and shiny during styling.
All the product have a lovely and natural scent of orange, verbena, orange blossom, and vanilla.

Dos from catwalk to sidewalk

Kate Winslet

 Rene Furterer, the ultra-chic and natural hair nurturing line from France, quizzed celebrity stylists about which hot looks from Fashion Week should be on your radar this year.

 Here is their report:

Undone Chignon
From the ballet barre to the ballroom, the classic chignon is the ultimate in sophistication and elegance. The look is open to interpretation. As the chignon moves from the catwalk to the sidewalk it is loosened up. A more textured, softer version of the classic style has been seen on Diane Kruger, Anne Hathaway and Kate Winslet.
“The trick is to start by roughing up the texture of the hair,” says celebrity stylist Birgitte Philippides of Sally Harlor. “If hair is too silky, it won’t hold this style.”
Here is Birgitte’s step-by-step guide to perfect the imperfect chignon.                               
·        To make a loose chignon, begin by misting dry hair with René Furterer Naturia dry shampoo, first at the roots, and then wherever you want to add more texture. Lightly brush through hair.
·        If hair is freshly washed, spritz it with René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray instead of a dry shampoo. Brush hair first to roughen it up a bit, spray, then brush hair again.
·        Gather hair into a low ponytail and secure with a coated elastic band. Make sure the hair is not held too tightly. Take sections of the ponytail, and one at a time, spray with more René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray.  This creates extra texture.
·        Next, gently twist the ponytail, wrapping it around the base to create a chignon. Slip in hair pins around the entire chignon to hold it in place. 
·        Finally, to gently loosen up chignon, cup it with your hand and try to free up a few stray hairs — the idea is to go for artful imperfection.
Birgitte Philippides on
René Furterer Naturia dry shampoo is one of favourite dry shampoos. Some dry shampoos make hair look good, but your hair still feels grotty. Naturia leaves hair feeling fresh to the roots! Also, try it for any style, if you have hair that collapses – it really does give very fine hair extra staying power.
Jennifer Lopez with long sexy wavesMarvelous manes
Long manes of shining hair rule this season. Did you see Kate Moss’s fabulous hair on the over of September Vogue? Jennifer Lopez, Mischa Barton and Rosario Dawson all love long seductive tresses, too.
Here is star stylist Christian Marc’sstep-by-step guide to gloriously glam hair.                                
·        Prep damp hair with René Furterer Vegetal Mousse. This creates the support and body needed to give loose waves more hold.
·        Next, blow-dry hair, using hands rather than a styling brush to fluff up hair.
·        Once your blowout is finished, take one-inch to one-and-a-half-inch-wide sections and wrap each one around a medium-size barrel curling iron, leaving the end of each section straight. This helps to break up the waves for a more natural look.
·        After all sections are curled, work a little René Furterer Acanthe curl enhancing leave-in fluid through the tresses. Turn the head upside down and brush the hair with a Mason Pearson styling brush.
·        For extra shine, mix a little René Furterer Modeling Paste with René Furterer Acanthe curl enhancing leave-in fluid in the palms of your hands, and then run them over the length of your gorgeous new waves.
René Furterer Vegetal Mousse is one of our favourites. It leaves hair soft but controlled, and contains no sulfates or parabens. The scent of lemon, grapefruit, and lily of the valley is so lovely.



No fuss frizz-free curls

This spring and summer, romantic curls and waves rule the runways. Girls with naturally curly hair should be ecstatic, but they’re not. Many curly-haired beauties cower and hide from summer’s heat and humidity, dreading the frizz it brings. Or they ruthlessly pin their gorgeous locks into tight buns or ponytails. This is the perfect time for girls with curls to discover Acanthe Perfect Curls from René Furterer. This curl-taming potion was five years in the making. Acanthe combines the natural softening properties of Acanthus extract with the nourishing benefits of avocado oil to gently redesign curl contours and restore suppleness and silkiness to hair for perfectly-defined curls. The regime consists of three luxe products: Acanthe curl enhancing shampoo; Acanthe curl enhancing conditioner; and Acanthe curl enhancing leave-in fluid. Acanthe Perfect Curls from René Furterer lets women with natural curls experience the true beauty of their hair as it falls into soft frizz-free curls and ringlets.

I adore René Furterer natural hair care products. They are full of soothing and nourishing active plant extracts and essential oils that leave your hair shiny and full of body. They also smell naturally delicious. Acanthe is softly-scented with the citrusy aroma of bergamot. or 1-800-522-8285

Non-toxic beauty, please

Beautiful organic hair colour by Hilton BelMy mother used to say you had to endure pain to be beautiful, as she yanked and pulled my hair into hard rollers for Shirley Temple-like curls. Ironically, I grew up a full-fledged beauty junkie who does not believe in pain to be beautiful – and my mother is actually a grooming minimalist.

As soon as I was old enough, I seized control of my own look and got a blow-dryer. I learned to set my hair on electric rollers. They are still part of my beauty arsenal today. Electric rollers have made a big comeback for their ease of use and ability to give hair big volume with no damage. There was no way I was going to sleep on hard rollers or pull my hair.
Beauty and style take effort, even for the natural beauties among us. Everyone has to exercise, eat right, and take care of their assets, but that’s a far cry from pain and poisoning – and don’t let anyone tell you different.
Luckily darlings, we now have a greater array of choices. Recently I visited a salon for a hair and scalp analysis by experts from René Furterer, an established line from France. It uses essential oils and plant extracts to care for hair and revitalize it. The products and the results are amazing – a gentle, effective, and luxurious way to treat hair.
Capilliscope tells you if your hair is healthyAccording to René Furterer’s experts, the crucial first step to recommending the best products for your specific needs is analyzing your scalp and hair. They use a special tool called a Capilliscope. Based on visual and tactile observations, this machine can determine concerns such as sensitivity of the scalp, weakened roots, split ends, and healthiness of hair.
I found this a helpful process as I had been reacting to harsh salon products. I wanted to see if there had been extensive damage to my hair. Luckily there had not been, although my hair was dry. You don’t have to take the technician’s word for it; they actually show you your hair’s roots and explain all the stages of hair growth to you. I assure you that what they said jibed with everything I have learned from my many interviews with top medical experts in the field of hair loss.
I agreed with their analysis: my hair was dry and the ends needed to be cut off.
Rene Furterer regimeThey gave me a great massage, to stimulate my scalp, and conditioner made of natural ingredients, to revitalize my hair from the inside out. My hair looked and felt amazing. I can continue the treatments at home, which I intend to do, or in any salon that carries the line. I have become addicted to their massage treatment, which you can read about at You can also take their quiz and get started on your own regime, if there is no salon near you.
Hair colour is under going a quiet revolution – and not a moment too soon. If you colour your hair at home you may notice warnings to test for allergies and sensitivities. But when you go to the salon, no one ever bothers to test for allergies. After years of no problems, and admittedly gentler stylists than I have recently encountered, my head has begun to itch and burn when colour is applied. Some stylists have told me it was because I am getting older. Others said my hair was getting darker and “needed” stronger chemicals.
My hair is very easy to colour, but I do react badly to too many chemicals. So I decided to investigate. I found out that many women react badly to the high amounts of ammonia in permanent hair dye. And the stylists know it! Some, such as my last stylist, even mixed packets of sweetener into the hair colour to help prevent the itching. It is this ammonia that makes hair salons smell so darned awful in the colour area.
There are options for women who don’t want to itch and burn, but still want pretty coloured hair. I spoke with Hilton Bell who founded Organic Color Systems, a professional line of ammonia-free color. It was the first ammonia-free line in salons around the world with a full range of natural shades full-range of shades. Mr. Bell’s company did extensive research, and found out that most hair colour reactions – up to 99 percent, according to their results – came from ammonia.
“The clients reported everything from itchy, burning scalps, to feeling foggy and light-headed for up to three days," Mr. Bell told me. He assured me his system can give women all the lift or grey coverage they want without harsh chemicals. He can’t guarantee no one will be allergic, but as one who has burned and itched, I think this is a brilliant start. It is also better for the environment.
L’Oreal Professional has just introduced INOA. It stands for: Innovation, No Ammonia. It is a breakthrough technology that, according to L’Oréal Professionnel, results in better-preserved hair fibers and leaves your mane as smooth as before color was applied.
L’Oréal Professionnel INOA was introduced in Europe to positive reviews from beauty reporters and consumers. High-end salons that tested it in the U.S. are equally enthused. The color shades reportedly wonderful, and they are also said cover gray excellently. The itching, burning, and horrible ammonia smell are gone. Hair treated with L’Oréal Professionnel INOA also supposed to stay silky smooth.  L’Oréal Professionnel INOA is now available in the U.S. and Canada.
After my recent bout with a burning scalp at the salon, I made an appointment with a new salon that uses organic hair colour. It wasn’t easy to find. I think that is all changing – and not a minute too soon. I have heard that most major hair companies are working on ammonia-free colour. They’d better be; women are too smart too poison themselves.
My mother was wrong. You don’t need pain to be beautiful. You need brains.
Don’t miss the next, when our series on non-toxic beauty continues with home hair colour and better, safer skin care.