Hair how-to, straight from the runway

Celebrity hair stylist Nelson Vercher of the Rita Hazan Salon and Agent Oliver discusses his inspiration for designer Gemma Kahng’s Spring/Summer 2013 show. “I wanted the girls to look like they had just stepped off a farm. We were going for a free-spirited look.”
To complement the feminine collection, he created sleek, sculpted, braided looks using René Furterer styling products. 
“The original idea was spun from Amish women,” Vercher explained. “We took the notion of this Amish woman who was strong and rebellious. This is an Amish woman with an edge.”
Vercher and Kahng developed the concept together. There was even a black headdress in the collection that was evocative of bonnets worn by Amish women.
“I wanted to stay within the braiding world while pushing it forward and doing it big," said Vercher.
Here is Nelson Vercher, telling us how he did it:
First, I applied a liberal amount of  René Furterer Straighening Gel to dry hair and combed it through from roots to ends to help achieve the sleek, no-volume look we were going for. Using a blow-dryer with a nozzle attachment, I then straightened hair in sections with a round brush.
Next, I used a tail comb to make a clean and precise center part. After extensions were added to each section of hair to add length and fullness, I gathered hair into a tight ponytail as close to the nape and flat against the head as possible on each side of the part. Using a bungee cord, I tied the two ponytails together, making sure to keep the hair close to the head and leaving the center part intact.
I wanted a fresh take on the braid trend, so I separated the gathered hair into three parts and began crafting a sleek, not too tight, yet not loose, thick braid and held it together with a clear elastic band. To add more dimension to the overall look, I also had several braided hair pieces on hand ready to be added into the hair.
To prepare the braided hair pieces, I combed through the hair with a small, round Mason Pearson brush smoothing any flyaways with René Furterer Styling Wax. This helped to create a clean, glossy plait that would seamlessly blend in with the model's hair.
After braiding the model's hair, I then wrapped a braided hair piece into a bun, and pinned it above the model's main braid, which served as my base to begin sculpting the final look. 
Making sure to keep all hair as close to the head as possible, I joined the braids together.  But I carefully weaved and twisted the braided hair in and out of the base bun in several directions, holding everything together with hair pins, and adding in additional braided hair pieces, if I felt the structure needed it. Above all, I wanted the braids to look like they weren't just sitting on top of the head, but rather, flatter against the head for a sleeker, more sculpted look.
Finally, I misted hair with René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray to hold hair in place and to keep it as sleek as possible. The final piece of the puzzle was a black, floral-appliqued Gemma Kahng headdress, which carefully framed the ‘do and capped off the whole country chic look. Farm girls have never looked sexier!