Relish the sweetness of friendship

Life can be tough, and if you want certain things  then you have to be ready for your share of rejection and hard knocks. But the hits should not come from your nearest and dearest. No, darlings, friends and family should be your soft place to fall and recoup. The great Barbra Streisand still looks pained when she talks about how family members treated her when she was growing up. She survived and thrived. She learned to tune them out. If you are unlucky in your family, learn to do the same. There are degrees of this behaviour, and it is not always about love; loving families can be negative too for many reasons. You can learn not to listen — but diplomatically. I did. As for friends who don’t support your dreams, or — worse — try to cut you down, life is too short for that kind of friendship. Move on! Stick with friends who take joy in each other’s triumphs and creativity! Surround yourself with those who relish its sweetness!

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