Hot hair care and colour trends


Redken Color ExtendOne thing all hair stylists agree on is that proper care is essential to keep your freshly coloured tresses looking fabulous. In the past I have been impressed by Redken’s Fifth Avenue Extreme Anti-Snap to prevent breakage, which it actually does! I also was thrilled by Real Control Thermal Resist Hair Repair which resuscitates dead, dry hair.

I have been equally bowled over by their New Color Extend line. It’s a collection of products — Shampoo, Conditioner, Rich Recovery, Total Recharge, and Shine Enrich — to keep colour fresh and fade-free.
Color Extend uses “micronet” technology to lock in colour and prevent fading. It has cranberry oil for conditioning and shine. Total Recharge, my favourite new must-have item, also has a UVA/UVB shield. 
Brent HardgraveI asked top Redken stylist, Brent Hardgrave of Salon 124, to give me an update on trends and treatments.
DD: What are the current trends for blondes, brunettes and red heads?
BH: Think of classic, rich and sustainable colors:
For blondes: Wheat tones, closer to lightest brown.  They are easier to maintain and grow out.
For brunettes: Deeper and darker. Rich and full of shine with hints of cinnamon and paprika. 
For the Reds:  Remember Irish Setters? Reflective and silky.
DD: Can hair colour actually moisturize your hair and make it more manageable or does it always have to be damaging?
BH: Hair color can be a great tool to repair the outside condition of hair. Resurfacing the damaged cuticle of your hair is like repaving a street full of potholes. Redken Shades EQ is the ultimate "road crew" for your damaged frayed strands. Shades EQ will add depth and even tones, and smooth the tattered outside cuticle. It can actually bring a high shine back to depleted hair. It is my Number One tool for color!  Redken Shades EQ is the hair colour that thinks it’s a conditioner!
DD: Is there way to have colour done so it can grow our naturally, if you are on a tight budget due to the current economy?
BH: Once again, the winner is Redken Shades EQ! I love to call it "Color without Commitment"! It can give a boost, like a new shade of lipstick for your hair!  It’s affordable and predictable with long-lasting tone and shine. Highlights still look multi-chromatic as they grow out. It’s a "back to natural" color process done in the salon only, and worth every last penny!
DD: How important is at home maintenance to keep salon colour perfect? Are their any new products techniques that can help?
BH: Even when you buy a more economical car, you still want to use good oil to make it last! The same goes for hair color maintenance. Spending just a little more on a Color Extending hair care regime can make all the difference in the longevity of your investment. Redken Color Extend is the perfect answer! Let your stylist help you out by recommending the right products for your hair. There really is a difference between the Good Stuff and the grocery store stuff. The testament to this is in the mileage you get on your gorgeous color!
DD: Can you explain the new blonde Glam Colour Enhancers. Is it a glaze? Roots?
BH: These are awesome!  They give you longer, crisper and richer blondes! There are two yummy shades. Rich Vanilla balances out tired warmer blondes.  It adds depth and richness along with high reflectivity. I am mostly brunette, with random slices of blonde; and I love what it does for my brown hair too! Perfect Platinum adds the ice to cool off unwanted warmth in blondes. This will keep your blonde crisp and gleamy until your next visit to your colorist! Now you have the control all in your shower to keep your blonde right where you like it! It is a deposit-only product, a color enhanced conditioner. It does not lift or lighten the roots!
I have recently switched to Redken Salon and have been amazed at how soft and delicious my hair is after it is coloured. I had never used a Redken salon before. I switched to use a particular stylist, who I felt would take good care of my hair. The colour really does condition. The color is also dreamy and not all brassy. On side note, Ebony my stylist is fabulous and never gives me grief over my DIY habits.