Runway hair with a Sixties vibe

According to Guido, Redken Creative Consultant, "The look at Celine is a little bit Sixties inspired, girls with personality. I’m using lots of hair extensions and creating a deep side part swept over the face like a bang."
How-to get the look:
  • Apply a small amount of Redken guts 10 to the roots to give just a bit of lift to the crown of the head. 
  • Create a very deep left side part so that hair covers the forehead almost like a bang, and clip hair on either side.  
  • Tuck the right side of hair behind the ear and then pull back a piece of the hair over the ear.  
  • Apply wax last 10 at the ends of the hair to create a little bit of texture and control.  
  • Finish with Redken quick dry 18 instant finishing spray