Anti-gravity shampoo

Redken Body Full CollectionI am mad about Redken’s Body Full Collection for Fine Hair. It smells fabulous and makes fine hair bounce! I have fine hair and I love what this shampoo does for it. Redken claims that it doubles volume; I think it might. What I know for sure is that it leaves hair looking, feeling, and smelling fabulous.  

Body Full Shampoo gently removes product build-up and leaves hair full and weightless. Body Full Conditioner detangles, leaving hair beautifully shiny. These are my two favourite products in the line.
Body Full Instant Bodifier Volumizing Foam for Baby Fine Hair protects thin fine hair from thermal damage while blow-drying.
Body Full Volume Amplifier Thickening Lifting spray for flat/thin Hair lifts the roots. It can also be sprayed on for more volume and texture.
The magic combination in The Body Full Collection for Fine Hair is wheat protein to plump thin fine strands, soy protein to help repair damaged hair, and cotton to help soften and detangle.
The result is stunning; your hair will defy gravity. If you have flat, thin just-lay-there hair, try it and see for yourself.