Cold-pressed juice


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Fresh, raw, and cold-pressed are all buzzwords in the booming business of juicing. And if you like your juice with of these words in front of it – you know it is pricy. But it also tastes better than regular juice, even the premium brands. Some even say it is better for you.

Family-run Red Jacket Orchards in New York produces a juice line using fresh fruit straight from their farm. The line consists of blends, stomps, and ciders. Their cold-pressed juice blends come in such flavours as Fuji Apple, Raspberry Apple, Strawberry Apple, Blackcurrant Apple, and Grape Apple.

 The juices are unfiltered so they can look cloudy like fresh cider. According to Red Jacket, “their juices have 50% more antioxidant power than the leading clear juice.” The juices contain fiber and are flash pasteurized, a process that uses high heat for a short time. This kills microorganisms that cause spoilage without making the juices taste cooked. Cold pressing is also supposed to result in better and fresher flavour. 

All of our testers loved the Red Jacket Orchards juice. They thought the flavour compared well to other more expensive brands of fresh and cold-pressed juices sold at super-markets. 

A 12-ounce bottle sells for about $3 in my local supermarket. You can also order online, $17.99 for one 32-ounce bottle.