Recollections of an artist and child of an icon

Rosanne Carter’s Composed is a multi-layered book. She is an accomplished artist in her own right with 21 top 40 country singles, 14 albums, 10 Grammy nominations, and two gold records. But, it is clear she can never escape being Johnny Cash’s daughter. 

The book is an eloquent attempt to explain her own hard-won identity. She writes about the pain of her parents’s divorce. She is fair and generous to the memory of June Carter, who by all accounts was loving and generous.
Mostly she explains her journey as an artist struggling to express herself. She writes in detail about making music. She is knowledgeable. She shares her personal life too, as a woman and mother.
In spite of the bold-type names that people her tale, her story is honest and relatable to anyone who has struggled to find her own voice.