Lavender-Lemon Drop


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This is our version of a classic Vodka Lemon Drop made with lavender lemonade.

It is bit less boozy than the original, but we find it more refreshing. The fresh lemon and lavender makes it very chic like the craft cocktails that are so trendy now. 

You will need two cups of fresh lemon juice. 

Squeeze six to seven lemons (more if you use small Meyer Lemons).

Buy at least 14 for a party.

If you like to float slices of lemon in your lemonade, then organic is safer – and be sure to scrub them well.

Add 2 cups of sugar or 1½ cups for a tarter lemon flavour.

Heat the juice the lemon juice and sugar with 1 liter of water until the sugar is dissolved completely. Add Lavender tea to taste. And chill well. 


Lavender Tea

Steep 2 Tbsp. of organic or culinary (from the grocery or spice store) lavender in a tea ball or sachet in 1 cup of very hot (just boiled) water for 15 minutes. Discard lavender. 


In a shaker place crushed ice and:

2 ounce of very cold Vodka for each drink

Add 4 ounces of Cold Lavender lemonade.

(Optional: Add a dash, about 1 tsp. of Violet Liquor for each drink.)

Shake and pour into large, chilled Martini glasses.

Garnish with very thin lemon slice.