Campari – be a little different

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If you like to be a little different, you may enjoy Campari.

The slightly-bitter red spirit has been in and out of vogue since

 it was invented in Novara, Italy in 1860. Campari is an infusion of herbs and fruit

 – and it is definitely distinctive.  The first time you taste it you may find it bitter,

but it grows on you.


You may think of it as a summer drink. It is an essential ingredient

for famous summer cocktails the Americano and a Napolitano

 – and of course a classic Campari and soda with a wedge of orange.

 It is perfect for the holidays with its bright colour and refreshing taste.

I like it with a splash of sweet red raspberry liqueur and topped with sparkling Prosecco.


Campari makes a lovely gift for any host with a taste for art and Americanos.

They will love Campari’s new limited-edition art labels. Each one features

 an iconic sketch by Italian futurist artist Fortunato Depero,

 “reimagined with the use of contemporary colors”.

The limited-edition bottles are available now for the holidays!


Campari Holiday Sparkling Cocktail


Fill a wine glass half way with crushed ice

(Champagne on ice is popular in Europe. It is called une champagne piscine)

Add a few fresh raspberries

½ ounce of raspberry liqueur

1 ounce Campari

Top with dry Prosecco