Gretchen Rossi on her “OC” look

Gretchen RossiRecently, I chatted with Gretchen Rossi one of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Gretchen has been a lightning rod for controversy since joined the show. She has battled with her fellow cast-mate Tamra Barney. And she has had to deal with negative publicity surrounding her personal relationships and risqué Internet photos.

Yet, Gretchen has developed a loyal fan flowing. She is admired for her work ethic and her personal style. In the last year or so she has launched a makeup line and a handbag line, both called Gretchen Christine. She has also recently become a spokesperson for a new weight-loss product. To get Gretchen’s tips on the OC-OrangeCounty, and to look and hear the latest about her ventures, watch our exclusive DolceDolce interview: