No time to work out?

rayThe holidays are around the corner so if you are worried about looking fabulous at festivities. Or maybe you already look great and don’t want to gain weight celebrating, but have no time to train. We have tips to help. Here are 6 Tips to Transform Your Workday Into A Great Workout from Ray “Mr. Shut Up and Train” Grayson. Ray has trained entertainers and athletes, including singing sensation Ciara, NFL Pro Bowler Edgerrin James, Super Bowl Champion James Butler, and original Destiny’s Child member turned solo artist LaToya Luckett.  Ray’s routines have been featured in Upscale Magazine, Sister 2 Sister, JET, Complex, FEARLESS, and more.

 Here is Ray’s advice: 

I don’t have time to exercise! 

It’s a common excuse that even the most dedicated people use from time to time.  Luckily, there are small changes you can make that will help you fit exercise into your busy schedule.  Though small, these changes can make a BIG difference! 

Workplace workouts help you make the most of your limited hours.  With a little effort you can transform that same old work routine into a fun, worthwhile workout. Soon enough, you’ll find that your body and mind are more energized, refreshed, and productive. 


Give these tips a try:


Park your vehicle further from your job. This will increase the daily steps taken before your workday begins.


Stand while talking on the phone. You can switch it up and stand at least 15 minutes of every hour you’re on the phone. 

Use a restroom that is further from your desk. Start with a distant location on the same floor and then move to other floors or buildings!        

Walk to your local co-workers to discuss work (or play) instead of calling or emailing them.  On top of getting active, you’ll get the added mood-boosting benefit of leaving your computer and interacting with a real, live person. 

Pack healthy snacks and stash them at your desk.   You’ll avoid raiding the vending machines and you’ll keep your energy level up with strong, proper nutrition. 

Schedule time in your workday to have an active lunch. Pack your gym shoes and go for a walk during your lunch break, climb the stairwell, or meet someone for lunch a couple blocks away. 

Not only will these healthy habits lead to a healthier you, but squeezing in a little exercise actually improves concentration and makes you more productive.  You’ll see your career grow as your waistline shrinks.


For more information: @mrshutupandtrain