Sweet face

Raw honey is good for the skinA masque is one of my regular beauty pick-me-ups. It has been since I was a beauty-crazed teen. A sweet honey masque in one of my all-time favourites because it works for all skin types and leaves skin soft, dewy, and calm. Honey has antibacterial properties. Because of its ability to kill bacteria, it has been traditionally used to treat wounds and prevent infection. Its antibacterial properties come from propolis and naturally-derived hydrogen peroxide. Propolis is a thick mixture that bees retrieve from trees and flowers. The hydrogen peroxide in honey is released slowly when it is mixed with fluids, including the natural ones on your skin. Scientific studies show that honey reduces inflammation and increases blood flow, too.

Make a fabulous honey masque by mixing two teaspoons of rawhoney with cosmetic clay or ground oatmeal. The clay or oatmeal helps absorb impurities from your skin and keep the honey from running all over your face.  You can grind a small amount of oatmeal in your blender and keep it in a jar. Otherwise, you can use colloidal oatmeal from the drug store or cosmetic clay.
Raw honey is essential. I like Gaia Medicinal Honey. Gaia makes some of my favourite high-quality herbals.
Try this masque. If you love it as much has I do, it will become part of your regular regime. I like to do it a few times a week, as the seasons change.