Rainy weather hair tips

Rainy weather can make hair droop and frizz resulting in the ultimate bad hair day.
Celebrity stylist and Pureology’s Colour Care Ambassador Natasha Sunshine has list of tips to help you beat the rainy day hair blues:
For curly girls, boost your shine power by adding a few drops of Pureology’s Precious Oil to your Illuminating Curl styler. This provides damp hair with a conditioning blast and an extra dose of gloss to fight off the frizz that usually accompanies rainy days.
For hair that tends to go flat in wet, damp weather, boost your roots with extra volume with Colour Stylist Root Lift and Silk Bodifier from the mid-shaft down. You'll get the shine you crave without the weight and as long as you can keep dry; your hair will hold volume all day long.
You may not be able to keep the rain away, but with these easy tips, you can brave the wettest of conditions with confidence in your hair!
Additional DolceDolce rainy weather hair tips:
Try a trendy French braid hairdo. They are easy to learn to do, look chic, and will keep your hair of your face on wet days. Trendy head bands and top knots can also work to keep hair neat when the weather is damp.