Catch a luxe trend

Angelina Jolie --looking chic and tosty. Is it faux?Darlings there are weeks of winter ahead – sigh! And this winter looks to be a long, chilly slog.

So now is the time to pick up a fabulous fur accessory– faux for most — on sale. You will look and feel luxe and cozy in a fur vest, jacket, or hat.
Frame your face and look as lovely as Julie Christie did in Doctor Zhivago. Or wear stylish a vest a la Rachel Zoë. If Rachel Zoeyou are not stick-thin, avoid wearing fluffy fur on your body; stick to short, sleek furs.

Vested interest!

Rachel Zoe rocks a fur vest!It is in every girl’s interest to get vested in a bit fur — real or faux. You may remember the trend from a season or two ago. It is back again. So if you invested in a lovely fur vest, now is the time to get it out and wear it over your slimmest slacks or leggings. Stylist Rachel Zoe loves to rock this A faux fur look from Michael Kors abour $140A chubby little  fur from Juicy Couture --a steal at just over $100look! Belt it, if it suits you. Or, if a vest is not your style, think about adding a sexy little fur jacket to your wardrobe this winter. A short fur topper, which is so trendy now, is perfect over trousers for a casual chic look, or to top a party dress with flair.



Darlings, I adore Christian Dior. I love my Louis V. and like Rachel Zoe. I die for a fabulous lipstick. I have a passion for fashion and I am hopelessly addicted to beauty. But none of it is worth anything without class. A woman can paint her face and deck her frame in the finest, but if she opens her mouth and sounds like longshoreman, she might as well be dressed like one.  So darlings, cultivate control, civility, and a healthy sense of humour. It will serve you well. I assure you it will be tested. Have a sweet week, shine your light. I hope a little something sweet and unexpected comes comes your way. 

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