Make vegetables a star

Green beans with Maitake Mushrooms and garlicGreen Bean with Maitake mushroom and garlic

Sometimes a good side dish can lift simple meal above the average and make it sublime. This is an element you often see in Asian food where the vegetable dishes are a main event and not an after thought. Delicious and nutritious vegetables can take only minutes to prepare, but ad a lot to any meal. This simple dish uses frozen green beans of excellent quality for ease and availability. In summer feel free to substitute fresh. An exotic, but now easily available mushroom, the Maitake is called Hen of the Woods for its shape. I used an individually package mushroom by Hokto and just had to rinse and trim it.

 Hokto Maitake Organic Mushrooms
Mushrooms are surprisingly beneficial for such a low-cal food. One 3.5 /100 gr. Maitake has only 30 calories. 3 gr. Fiber, 1250 units Vitamin D, 4.8 mg. Niacin, and they are good source of selenium 2.6g. and beta glucans 2.3g. 
For 4
Sauté until just lightly brown 1 large chopped clove garlic. Chop garlic very finely and be sure not to burn it.
Add 2 cups of slightly defrosted long green beans you have dried off on a clean kitchen towel.
Sauté for 30 seconds.
Add rinsed and trimmed Maitake mushroom, it will fall in sections as you trim it.
Sauté for 30 seconds and add 2 tsp of your favourite regular or low-sodium soy sauce.
Add a dash of sesame of sesame garlic chili oil and serve.