Naturally healing

Tisserant heals with Tea Tree oil Since 1985, Tisserand has been the gold standard in aromatherapy. I have used their books and treatments since I was introduced to them by a reflexologist in the 1980s. I find their scents powerful and healing.

That is why I was happy to note that Tisserand products are now available in 30 countries. They have expanded their range of consumer products.
Just in time for summer, there is the new Tisserand Organic Tea-Tree Clear Skin Anti-Blemish Stick. While it won’t clear a serious acne cyst, it is perfect for excess oil, small bumps, and all type of irritations. I love this for cooling off bug bites and even a minor case of hives. It fits in your bag without fear of spills, and you can keep one in your car, too. They are only $8 US. 
Tisserand’s Refreshing Pure Vegetable Soapwith organic orange leaf, orange, and jasmine is a treat. I adore good A mini aromathearpy treatmentsoap. I wash my hands frequently, so basking in the heady scent of a lovely perfumed soap is like a mini vacation. It relaxes me and frees me from the cares of the day! I am one woman who does not hurry through hand washing. I find it also makes a great hostess or thank you gift, as so few women bother to treat themselves. I wonder whether more people at hospitals would wash their hands if the institutions actually used nice antibacterial soap. For liquid soap only ladies, or more public areas, Tisserand makes a variety of heavenly all-over washes.