Brewed iced coffee in an instant!

I am not a coffee drinker but on a hot summer’s day I occasionally enjoy a tall glass of iced coffee with a little cream. And when I do indulge, I want my coffee rich and delicious, not acrid and bitter, as the brew is all too often served.
I recently tried  Pronto from Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen. It is a single-serve liquid cold-brewed coffee concentrate made from 100 percent Arabica beans. A “Brewstick,” as the packets are called, makes one 10-ounce glass of coffee when poured into cold water. It’s not bad at all.
I doubt I would make it at home on a regular bias, even if I was a coffee drinker. But it is a great substitute for take-out coffee, when you are the go or for those who just won’t make their own coffee. The packets fit easily in your handbag and don’t leak. I carried several for a day. At a dollar a serving it is cheaper than so-called gourmet coffee that is often made from with automated machine. Pronto won’t replace a coffee house with great ambience and fabulous coffee. But it tastes as good and is less expensive than iced coffee from many of the so-called gourmet coffee chains.