So elegant!

The Jazz Age and the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald are the epitome of suave and sexy. At dinner parties where books are discussed, there is always some bright young things who declares that F. Scott is their favourite writer. I adore him too; who can resist the romance of the Jazz Age, Paris, and Zelda? So, what could be a better gift for the literary-minded on your list than a beautiful copy of one of Fitzgerald’s treasures.

Penguin Classic Hardcover Editions offers The Beautiful and the Damned, Tales of The Jazz Age, and This Side of Paradise, presented in elegant gold foil art deco-inspired covers designed by Cora Bickford-Smith. These little volumes are so appealing, they look and read like little jewels.
For the younger readers on your list, consider an elegant copy of Black Beauty, Emma, or The Secret Garden from the Penguin Classic Deluxe series. These beautiful editions come alive with dynamic cover art from Jillian Tamaki. The books also have a wonderful tactile appeal.