What does posh mean these days?

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The one percent are ditching are first class air travel for private jets and so-called exclusive spas and resorts make guests line-up for classes. So what is does posh really mean these days? 

Let me tell you darlings, you know it when you see it — and feel it.  And as a long time beauty editor and self-admitted picky-lady I have been writing about it and searching it out for years. It may surprise you that best service isn’t always found at the newest, so-called swankest place with most “stars”. 

For me and the cognoscenti I write about, the word “amenity” is meaningless when it comes to yoga, fitness, beauty or other services.  What is important is knowledge, results, caring, and respect. You can tell when an expert has their hands on you. And by the way, all the best professionals in these fields touch – a lot. A fabulous yoga teacher gives the best adjustments and top stylists get their hands in your hair.  Therapists and facialists who want to hook you up to machines or let you languish under machines are either lazy or lacking “the touch”. Leave lasers and other techy treatments to your best beauty Doc. Check out who the stars really go to. You will see most of them seek out experts with magic hands who give clients personal attention. 

POSH the expression  we use for the best comes from the cruise line lingo means  Port over and Starboard back and and you know it when you feel it.

Take time to enjoy the sweetness in life. 

Posh is being picked up at by a driver at the airport in a real London Taxi from the very beautiful Settha Palace in Vientiane 

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