“Pop” style

(L-R) Angeli Flores - Victoria Chan - Lee Ji Hae - Natsuko Danjo - Alisha Budhrani.We love girl groups for their sound and their style. Everyone remembers how the Spice Girls set styles when they hit the scene in the 1980s. Victoria Beckham, otherwise known as Posh Spice, went on to become a full-fledged fashion icon and respected designer.  

Blush, one of the hottest new international girl bands, owes its existence to Asia’s top reality show Project Lotus. Hopeful contestants sang and performed on the show to win a position with the band. They very stylishly became an instant hit, appearing at various events such as Singapore Fashion Week, Hong KongRugby Sevens, and even performing in concert with Justin Bieber.
Blush shared a few of their favourite beauty and style tips as well as a link to their
debut music video "Undivided" featuring Snoop Dogg
Victoria Chan:
·        Drink lots of water every day!
·        Take your makeup off at night. Like the saying never go to bed angry, I say, never go to bed with your makeup on.)
JiHae Lee:
·        Sorry, I say the opposite of Victoria: Go ahead and sleep with your makeup on sometimes – you wake up feeling and looking pretty, and start the day with a big smile.)
·        Laugh a lot and make jokes. Smiling and laughing is much more attractive than frowning.
Alisha Budhrani:
·        Use the natural angles of your face to complement your eyes.
·        Don’t be afraid to play with color. You can learn alot from trial and error!
Angeli Flores:
·        Rest your skin from makeup as often as you can. Give makeup a break, be natural, and let your skin breathe.
·        Try something different. I had never worn any contact lens in my life and then I was forced to try colored contacts because of a sponsor of ours. At first I thought they looked so strange, but now I LOVE them and wear them often!
Natsuko Danjo:
·        Change your hair color every month.
·        Get regular hair treatments