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I love lotions and potions. They smooth, soften, and smell delicious. Without a doubt the right ones can work wonders to keep skin looking fresh and clear. But some beauty issues won’t budge without professional help. But for some beauty problems nothing can compare to the new laser treatments offered at your doctor’s office. These treatments can tone, tighten, and brighten. The best part is there is little or no down time for most of them and the results can be fabulous. 

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Here are a few you may want to try:


 UltraShape melts away little tummy bulges that just don’t move, even with diet and exercise. It is FDA cleared and non-invasive. The average loss of inches is 1.3 to 2.5 inches. We think that is a lot from a painless treatment. The company describes it as “pulsed focused ultrasound energy precisely and non-thermally targeting subcutaneous fat, while keeping the surrounding tissue, blood vessels, nerves and muscles intact.”  And it is fast. The company reports, “Patients may drop up to two sizes in just three 45-minute sessions, with some visible results seen as early as two weeks.” So if you have to get rid of a little tummy for a vacation or special occasion, this might be your treatment. We keep hearing great things about it.


Ultherapy lifts the eyebrow, neck under-chin and décolletage using sound. You may have heard that treatments are a little painful. It is stingy but most offices use numbing cream. The results vary but the skin tightening can be impressive. I had recently Ultherapy to rejuvenate a small area on my thigh. This is not standard Ultherapy treatment but the result was impressive after only one session.  With Ultherapy the final results can take months to emerge and vary from person to person.


Profound is a new treatment that can be used alone or with other minimally-invasive treatments like Botox and fillers to help maintain a youthful appearance without surgery.  The company says. “It is the first device clinically proven to stimulate three skin fundamentals – elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.”


PicoWay is the newest and may be easiest way to get rid of unwanted tattoos. The new dual-wave laser delivers ultra-short pulses of energy. Pico Way’s creators say, “It delivers a photo-mechanical impact that breaks tattoo ink or pigmentation into tinier, more easily eliminated particles. The end result is a faster, more effective treatment experience with better clearance on the widest range of ink colors and types.” They report, “Results can be seen after just three to four treatments, as opposed to six to twelve sessions with other systems.”


There new treatments are impressive. There results can be impressive in the hands of a good doctor and a trained clinician. Many doctors have a trained staff member who operates the laser. How successful your treatment will be will depend a lot on your expectations and your doctor’s knowledge. A doctor needs to be able to match the treatment to the patient and it is more complex than it sounds. To get a desired result, it is often necessary to mix and match treatments. Botox, fillers, and other things may be mixed with the treatment to attain the desired result.


The best way to find a doctor is from a personal recommendation from a friend. If you can find a friend who is willing to share her secrets — reading online reviews can be helpful, but be sure to read many, not just one or two. Have a consultation. You want a doctor who clearly explains the procedure and what it can do for you.  They should be able to show you before and after photos of their own patients.  And you want expense ask how many times they have performed the treatment. Be clear on the number of treatments you will need, the cost, and how long before you see the results. Be sure to ask who will administer the treatment and ask to meet them. This is important. It is fine to see more than one doctor before deciding, especially for a pricey treatment.