Picking up the pieces

Deep Down True: A Novel by Juliette Fay is the story of a “giver” who must learn to take back her identity when her marriage falls apart.  

Suburban mom Dana Stellgaten has been left by her husband of 15 years. She knew her marriage wasn’t perfect, but she was trying to make the most of it. She had believed her husband would try too.
Now she has to start over alone. Dana has to help her daughter deal with middle school and mean girls. And she has to help her formally happy-go-lucky young son work out his anger over the divorce.
Dana herself is also thrown back into the world of dating, work, and adult friendships. It’s a lot to handle. Dana often feels she is no better equipped socially than her own children as she struggles with dating, relationships, and grownup mean girls.
When her niece shows up on her doorstep looking for refuge, it is blessing in disguise. She turns out to be a helpful nurturing teen.
Dana is forced to reconnect with herself as she builds her new life.
Juliette Fey set her story in New England, where I am from. She draws her characters so deftly, I felt as I could meet any of them on my next trip home. Most women will recognize and relate to the social struggles Fey so deftly weaves throughout the story. Deep Down True will stay with you for quite a while.