Coconut and Argan oil in a new natural skin care line

perfectPerfectly Pure is new all natural skin and hair care line sold directly to consumers. There are two product lines Perfectly Pure Coconut and Perfectly Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

The concept is simple and appealing; products made with high-quality, pure ingredients without paraben, petroleum, sodium lauryl sulfates, artificial color, artificial fragrance, or animal testing. Both lines have shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion. The products range cost $12 to $28. The most expensive item is a two-ounce bottle of Moroccan Argan oil; I did not try it but this is a good price. The Coconut Oil is seven ounces for $12.  And the average price for most products is $12. 

I like these lines. If you are looking for natural beauty products Perfectly Pure is one to consider. It smells nice and has a convenient autoship option busy women may like, as well as slightly-discounted pricing for multiple-product purchases. 

But my favourite Perfectly Pure products are their more specialized skin care. 

Perfectly Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum has become one of my favourites. It is light and moisturizing, and its effect is immediate. Hyaluronic Acid is a super moisturizer. It can hold many times its own weight in water as well as attract water to the skin. It actually plumps the skin. Hyaluronic Acid Serum feels weightless but leaves skin supple and hydrated. These are the types of ingredients found in very pricy serums and volumizers. This serum is $22 

I am not a great fan of toners; I generally think they are useless, as washing your face properly should remove all dirt and “close” your pores. But I adore c because the fragrance is a major mood-booster and it is actually hydratrating. The formula contains Aloe Vera which is deeply hydrating as well as soothing. This is an ideal product to stash in your desk drawer to freshen up your makeup at the end of a busy day.

 An eight-ounce bottle costs $8. There is also a Retinol Cream with Argan Oil, I did not try it, but I like the idea of combining the two as even non-prescription retinol can cause dryness and irritation. Remember, keep all Vitamin A products out of sunlight and air-tight. 

You can also buy the products in a bundle for a 20 percent discount – which is nice. They have bundled the serum and toner together for $22, which is like getting the toner free.