Refresh and firm without redness

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 If  like me, you have sensitive skin you know the frustration of using anti-aging skincare only find it leaves your skin red and irritated.  I am also careful when I try a new product. So I was delighted to receive a sample of the new. The makers of Exuviance also make The Glycolic Peel and I have always had good luck with their products.


This new peel is designed for all skin types. According to the compactly, the  non-acid formula contains “patented acid-free NeoGlucosamine®, an amino sugar found naturally in skin’s own support matrix. This potent anti-ager is clinically proven to increase cell turnover and skin exfoliation for a silky smooth finish that reduces the appearance of fine lines. Skin will achieve better clarity and more even tone with the look of dark spots diminished. Over time, NeoGlucosamine® encourages skin’s support matrix, improving elasticity and firmness, restoring a more youthful plumpness to skin”.


It is so gentle the directions are to apply to clean skin and leave it on, then apply moisturizer over it. The directions say you can use it up to several times a week I really like this peel. From the first applications my skin looked and felt great. It speared smoother, a little tighter and softer and there was no irritation.


It  cost $68