All about Evelyn

Some people have called Evelyn Nesbit the first “it” girl. Others have referred to her — as the tabloids of her day did — as “the girl on the red velvet swing”. Evelyn Nesbitt was a young woman who lived by her beauty and was ultimately destroyed by it. She became a successful commercial model by time was 14. She was the toast of New York’s’ jaded millionaire set at 16, as a performer in the popular Flora Dora review. She was exploited by her widowed and clinging mother who allowed her to be deflowered by the famed voluptuary Stanford White. Later she was pursued and tortured into marrying the mad millionaire Harry Thaw. Thaw had been obsessed not only with Evelyn but also with Stanford White, whom he murdered. Evelyn was sacrificed to his defense and mercilessly condemned in the press as gold-digger. Alas, she and her son scraped by for years on little money. She finally received $10,000 from Thaw’s estate when he died. He left the same amount to a waitress he hardly knew.
Joan Collins played the Girl on the Red Velvet SwingAmerican Eve: Evelyn Nesbit, Stanford White; The Birth of the “It” Girl
and the Crime of the Century, Paula Uruburu tells the tale of a young girl trapped in gentile slavery. Her widowed mother made one bad decision after another, reducing the family to near starvation. Uruburu’s book captures the mystery and pathos of a young girl who never had a childhood, but was from her earliest teenage years an object of desire for others. This is a fascinating, heartbreaking, and remarkably relevant read. It’s the perfect literary candy for a long plane ride or beach getaway!