Beauty tips from the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival



Justin German styles starlets at TIFF photo by WireImageJustin German

consulting stylist for Pantene, was in the Portrait Studio at the Sutton Hotel, where stars attending the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival can stop by for touch-ups before their press conferences.


“I’ve seen many beautiful women over the past few days and have noticed a big demand to play up volume with their hair,” says German. “I saw modern takes on the classic up-do, swept high with extra volume, as well as long loose locks. I had fun tousling the hair and making sure that volume was emphasized for a dramatic look. My go-to product in the Portrait Studio is the Pantene Pro-V Volume Flexible Hold Hairspray because it doesn’t leave hair stiff and sticky, which makes it easier for the stars to maintain a look that lasts.”
Follow Justin’s tips and you can get this glamorous look at home:
Follow Justin's tips photo by WireImageIn order to achieve a classic up-do with lots of volume, blow dry hair with a large round brush. Separate the hair at the crown from the rest, and pin it out of the way. Take the remaining hair, twist it in and up, and then pin it. For the hair at the crown, back brush it, roll the hair under, and pin it towards the back of the head, blending with the rest of the hair and ensuring there is volume at the crown. Set the style with Pantene Pro-V Volume Flexible Hold Hairspray for long-lasting results.

Step-by-step how to get the look: Bohemian Chic

Many of the hottest runway looks are easy to replicate at home with the right products and a few simple instructions. Bohemian Chic is pretty, romantic and trendy. Anyone can follow these have step-by-stop instructions using these Pantene products and demonstrations by one of their top stylists.

The Look:
The half up, half down Bohemian Chic style is feminine and elegant with lots of volume. “Coiffé décoiffé” – an intentionally messy style – is inspired by a romantic, yet natural and relaxed, look. This quick, no-hassle style is perfect for the busy months of spring and summer, no matter what the occasion may be!
How to Get the Look:
Step 1
·        Wash and condition hair with Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo and Classic Care Conditioner to gently clean hair without stripping the shine.
·        Apply Pantene Pro-V Classic Total Control Gel to wet hair from root to tip for a lightweight long-lasting hold.
·        Gently blow dry hair using a medium-round brush.
Step 2
·        Pin two-inch sections of hair into loose curls and let the hair set. Remove pin curls and tousle hair for a natural wavy look.
·        Pull back the sides of the hair and secure at the base of the head, just above the top of the neck.
Step 3
·        Pull a few tendrils from underneath the back of the head forward and let a few loose strands sweep softly across the face.
·        Finish the look with lightweight Pantene Pro-V Classic Hairspray – Flexible Hold for outstanding hold even in high humidity!