Pamper yourself fit!

Beverly Hill's Real Housewife Adrienne Maloof kickboxes and has her own home spa!Recent studies have shown that willpower is over-rated when it comes to losing weight or working out. I’m not surprised; gritting your teeth can get tiring after a while.

My advice is to pamper yourself fit. The idea of a workout buddy is not new, and rich women have flocked to lux spas to slim for decades.
So, if your New Year’s resolution to eat well and workout has slipped away from you, it may be time to rethink your approach.
"Small group" fitness is a hot trend. Not only does it make personal training more affordable, but participants also feel accountable to each other and enjoy support and camaraderie.
It makes sense. A younger friend and I embarked on five-day-a-week fitness régime a few years ago. She had gained a lot of weight and I had gained more than I like. Together, we had a ball at the gym and the pounds fell off in months. She was amazed at her progress. Alone she had felt overwhelmed and helpless.
I still miss our workouts together.
Today, I still work out five days a week at beautiful spa-gym. I take fun, challenging classes. The women there are lovely. We have a good time groaning and laughing throughout our workouts. It is an hour and half in my day to tune out stress and tune into my body. For me, environment is key to commitment. It is also great to be with women who reinforce good habits instead of bad ones.
So, if getting into shape is an elusive goal that keeps slipping away, change your approach:
    • Get a workout buddy or try small group fitness. The mutual support and accountability may help you stick to the program.


    • Shop around for a club or program you really enjoy. I love challenging classes, but I hate dance. It drives me nuts. Other friends thrive at Zumba, an effective dance fitness class. You may enjoy running, swimming, or squash. Find an activity you like, a good place to do it, and sign up to go! Another friend really got into her weight loss program when she joined special gym deluxe YWCA. She loved the facilities and trainers so much that she became super motivated.


    • Surround yourself with cheerleaders. You will be surprised how much peers can reinforce positive, healthful behaviour. Avoid eating with those who have bad habits when you are trying to lose weight. Studies show your dining companions influence how much and what you eat.


    • If you have as much food on your plate as your boyfriend or husband, cut out half it, unless he is a very small man or very light eater. Calorie intake correlates to your size. This is one area where you do not want equality.


    • Go where the fit people are. Don’t be intimated. If you think everyone at a swank gym or spa will be thinking about how out of shape you are, forget it. They are thinking about their own body challenges. A mind body class is for self-focus and improvement. Most workout veterans learn to turn inward. If you find a gym or club is too social or competitive, leave. Serious clubs and gyms do not have that atmosphere. When my young friend was overweight, she never received harsh treatment at our gym, just support and help. But, she did have to deal with negativity from insensitive friends and family. Ironically, many of them were overweight and out of shape.


Darlings, I mean it when I say pamper yourself. Reward your efforts with non-food or -drink treats. Treat yourself to a massage or long hot soak with deliciously scented bath oil. Wake up all your senses. Life should be sweet, even as you slim.