Bad taste, what a waste!

Darlings, the Oscars left me feeling sad. Seth MacFarlane is so talented. He sing, dances, and sparkles. He is exactly the type of star you want to host a big Hollywood spectacle. So, it was shocking that so much his material was offensive and sophomoric. I’m not a prude, but his jokes were very anti-woman and just hostile at times.
It is really a shame, because unlike other newcomers who have attempted to host this career-killer of show, the man is talented. I would like to see him try again next year, but this time do the show with humor, class, and style .
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You’re on

Andy Warhol predicted  15 minutes of fame for all.There is more to learn from the Oscars than fashion tips for those who are willing. In many ways we live Andy Warhol’s prediction or curse of 15 minutes of fame. The Oscars and other public events show us the best and worse of public behavior. Observing how others behave is an opportunity to think about showing our “better” selves in the spotlight.


I couldn’t help but notice during this Oscar ceremony the contrast between two first-time winners.  On receiving the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, a star of Precious, Mo’Nique, thanked the Academy “for showing that it can be about the performance and not the politics.” It was not her most gracious moment. She won over four other very talented actresses whose performances were arguably as good if not better than hers. The implications were ridiculous, and I can only hope unintentional.


Another speech was made a young man who won a technical award. He talked about how his parents encouraged him. How they never told him he was wasting his time as he worked on his projects with their old movie camera. He ended by telling young people who might not have had that same kind of encouragement to never give up — that they were not wasting their time. How generous to use his moment in the sun to uplift others.


Darlings, I will never get an Oscar. Most you won’t either. But you will have your moments in the sun and on the stage. You can use them to uplift others and shine all the brighter for it.

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Oscar picks

Our Deb Williams is an avid film buff. She shares her thoughts on the Oscars, which will be awarded this Sunday, March 7. But first here are a few of my own red carpet-worthy nominees. I too like to sit in the dark and watch flicks – especially in this stellar year for "Uncle Oscar".

Up in the Air garnered many nominations, all well-deserved. This brilliant satire by nominee writer-director Jason Reitman captures the alienation and isolation of today’s modern work environment. There are brilliant performances by the whole cast, especially nominees George Clooney, Anna Kendrick, and Vera Farmiga. Funny, sad, human, and relevant. Go see it.
Crazy Heart has a tour de force performance by Jeff Bridgesthat has landed him a leading actor nomination. Maggie Gyllenhaalis nominated for best supporting actress. She positively glows in the role.
Colin Firth in stylish and moving " A Single Man"Colin Firth is also nominated for best actor in the very stylish and compelling A Single Man. It is the to-die-for debut film of designer Tom Ford. Both Carey Mulligan in An Educationand Helen Mirrenin The Last Stationare recognized for films you may have missed. Carey Mulliganwill be a huge star — mark my words. The Last Station, which also has a brilliant performance by Christopher Plummeras Russian writer Leo Tolstoy,is so underrated it makes we want to scream. Be sure to see them both!
Here are Deb’s thoughts about this year’s Oscar-nominated films.
Avatar has been nominated in a plethora of categories, one of which is best film. I, along with other millions, saw the film in all its 3D splendour. I found the film lacking because of its weak plot and sub-par acting. Although it was entertaining, so are other adventure/action films from the past. In the end I was left with a throbbing headache and a sinking feeling that I would never get back those wasted three hours. Avatar fails to win my vote.
Kathryn Bigelow’s Hurt Locker, on the other hand, proved to be a gripping film. It brings to life the reality faced by an American bomb disposal squad in Iraq. The realism and brute emotion makes this film a must-see. It not only brings the war to the forefront, but it captures the lives of these young men who put themselves on the line every day to try and save innocent civilians. The film is captivating. The action brought me to the edge of my seat.
Sandra Bullockis nominated for her role in The Blind Side. It’s a tear jerker, but Bullock’s flawless charm helps to make it a timeless classic. The Blind Side is the true story of NFL player and Baltimore Raven Michael Oher. In a time of digital madness and the unnecessary use of gore, this homey film is a welcome change.
But Meryl Streep is a tough rival in the same category. Her portrayal of Julia Child in Julie & Julia is nothing short of stellar. She even inspired me to attempt Child’s famous beef bourguignon. It was fabulous! It made me more enthusiastic about French cooking.
Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will host this year’s Academy Awards.I will be rooting for films that not only bring the silver screen to life but also inspire us to take a step back and truly cherish those around us who unknowingly make our lives so much sweeter.
Do you have a favourite we missed? Let us know. Or, do you disagree with one of us? Share your opinion with other DD readers by emailing us at and we will print it. After all darlings, that’s entertainment!