Gold from head to toe!

If you are looking for a gift for the hard-to-please beauty maven in your life consider
lavishing her with gold. Throughout history divas have loved this precious metal. According to the maker of OROGOLD, “Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night to enhance her bewitching beauty. And the queen of the Ch'ing dynasty used a gold massage roller on her face daily.”
ORORGOLD is a luxurious line of holistic anti-aging skin care that contains Colloidal gold or “nano-gold". “Small particles of gold carry it across the skin barrier and are easily absorbed into your body through the pores of your skin,” ORORGOLD’s creators explain. “The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are diminished with each gold application. It also reduces the appearance of sun damage and age spots.”
OROGOLD'S 24K Golden Body Butter is a rich Shea Butter moisturizer that contains the line’s signature 24 karat gold. It comes in two delicious scents and leaves skin soft and moist for hours. This “golden” gift is sure to delight the diva in your life.
It costs $58
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