Summer Quenchers

Reach for something new and fabulousThis summer when you’re parched reach for something new, refreshing and healthful. The DolceDolce staff has been sipping some of newest summer quenchers. We found them delightful!
Fruit2O Essentials is a new vitamin water. It has added minerals as well as the fiber from two pieces of fruit in each bottle. Unlike many other fortified waters it has zero calories! It is perfect for the gym or just as a refreshing pick-me-up on a hot day. The gang here went crazy over it. Editor Alice Farnsworth loved the flavour and the vitamins. She especially liked that had no calories to sabotage her diet and exercise efforts.
The cost is about $1.29 per bottle. It is excellent value if you drink vitamin water –or you have to buy it for children who drink gallons of it. The are six combinations of fruit flavours.
Santa Cruz Organic Teazers are the latest twist on iced tea. Brewed with organic white, green and black certified fair trade tea and blended with organic fruit juices, the Teazers are slightly-sweet treat. In four lightly-carbonated flavours with 10 percent fruit juice and 90 calories for a 12-ounce bottle, the Teazers were a hit with our hip, active young staffers. In four fabulous blends.
R.W. Knudsen Sparkling Essences are clear, effervescent beverages with just a hint of organic flavour. I have become addicted to this European-style beverage, in their slim elegant cylinders. The cucumber flavour — my favourite — reminds me of my favourite Italian deli-café. They have lovely urns that dispense iced water flavoured with slices of fresh cucumber and lemon all summer long. The taste is a bit like a non-alcoholic Pym’s Cup. The lemon, mint, and blueberry flavours are also scrumptious and refreshing too. No sweetener is added, so it’s a pure, guiltless pleasure. 
So before you grab a calorie-laden cup of sugar to quench your thirst; remember there are healthful alternatives that taste fabulous!