Halloween tips from Big Rich Texas!

Bonnie Blossman ready for HalloweenBonnie Blossman of the Style Network’s hit reality show Big Rich Texas loves Halloween.  It makes sense as Bonnie is also a successful murder mystery writer. The quirky and creative come naturally to this talented Texas lady.
“Halloween was always my favorite holiday because of the amazing parties, spooky haunted houses and to dress up as any character you desire for a day," Bonnie confides.
She goes on to explain, “Halloween is perfect for children (and adults) to live out a fantasy and let their imaginations run wild while having fun with family and friends. This about sums me up to this day – I'll never grow up! I absolutely live for dressing up in costumes and acting crazy and spooky decor makes me feel at home. I may not look like it, but when I look in the mirror, I can see Morticia from the Addams family inside!”
Here are her tips for homemade scary make up effects:
Fake Blood (Non-toxic):
2.5 cups of corn syrup
~10 drops of red food coloring
~1-2 drops of blue food coloring
3/4 cup of water
Chocolate syrup to thicken, deepen color
How to prepare: mix the ingredients above and allow thickening at room temperature. This fake blood is non-toxic but very sticky! If you get it into your hair, be careful and wash it out thoroughly! Clean the skin before applying the fake blood with skin cleanser. Vampires and zombies – take a swig of this in your mouth and allow to gently seep (i.e. drool) out of your mouth for a cool effect. Wait at least 10 minutes before touching the blood tracks. Because of the food coloring and chocolate syrup this can stain white fabric, carpet, furniture, etc. so remain in a protected area while drying thoroughly!   
Fake Burned Skin:
Liquid latex (theatrical supply store) or other type of adhesive safe for the skin
Fake blood (from above or other fake blood)
Cotton balls or cotton quilt batting
Black face / body makeup
How to prepare: clean the skin where you want to apply your fake burn with skin cleanser. Adhere long strands of cotton to the skin with liquid latex or other skin adhesive according to the directions. Continue to apply the cotton strands in an irregular, criss-crossing fashion until a large enough burn area is achieved. Allow the adhesive to dry completely. Pour fake blood over the burn and again, allow drying. With a makeup applicator, apply the black makeup in random splotches, especially in the raised areas to simulate charred skin.
Fake Scabs:
1 cup gelatin
1 cup water
Fake blood (from above or other fake blood)
How to prepare: clean the skin where you want to apply the scabs with skin cleanser. Prepare the gelatin per the package instructions. Allow the gelatin to cool until warm but not solidified. Testing the temperature first to be sure you do not burn the skin, apply the warm gelatin on the cleaned area of skin before it gets to room temperature. The gelatin will solidify quickly once it gets on the skin in a thin layer. Color the scabs with the fake blood.
Red, burgundy and purple crème theatrical (or cosmetic) makeup
Makeup sponge
Powder (either compressed makeup or baby powder)
How to prepare: clean the skin where you want to apply the bruises with skin cleanser. Using the makeup sponge, start with the red crème and make the outline of the bruise. Don’t apply too much at once, keep it light and smooth and pat the makeup very lightly for even coverage. In the case of a bruise – less is more – you want very bare coverage! You want the skin to show through the makeup. Next, use the burgundy and lightly go over most of the red section. Again, you want the red makeup and the skin to show through. Then, do the darkest purple color in an area of the bruise – again, doing it light enough to where the red, burgundy and the skin shows through. Last, set with powder! You always have to powder crème-based makeup or it will wipe off, sweat off and look disgusting in mere moments!