Brow fix and you won’t believe the before and after !

Perfect brow after treatment -scroll down for the before photoEyebrow trends come and go, but a well-arched brow that frames your face helps to define your features and will make you look thinner, younger, and more beautiful.
The experts at NouveauContour Permanent Makeup have tips to help you achieve the perfect face-framing eyebrows:
With a ruler, draw an imaginary straight line from the outer sides of the ball of your nose to your brows. That is generally where eyebrows should begin.
Next, place the ruler on the tip of your nose as a point of reference, then take the ruler over to where your pupil is to mark the "peak" or the highest point of your arch.
Finally, place the end of a ruler at the outer nose and on the corner of the eye; this is where the brow should end.
For those who have permanently over-plucked, hair loss, or very pale eyebrows NouveauContour Permanent Makeup offers the perfect solution utilizing hypoallergenic mineral pigments to create the most natural permanent results when used with their devices. The devices' ultra-thin needles allow the trained technician to apply hair-like permanent tattooing to fill-in sparse eyebrows or create an entire natural looking brow. Their color palette provides the most natural looking brow to match your skin tone and hair color.
DolceDolce tip: Always go to a trained expert for any type of tattooed makeup application. Have the expert apply regular makeup first to make sure you like the technique. We have found permanent brow makeup, when applied by experts, to be very successful, but we do not recommend permanent lip makeup.