Not the Jersey Shore crowd

Venice Experiment by Barry Frangipane and Ben Robbins is definitely a different take on Italian-Americans returning to their homeland after the recent foray of the cast of Jersey Shore to Italy. 

After several enjoyable trips to Italy where he reunited with his relatives, Barry Frangipane talked his is Southern wife into moving to Italy for a year. It was easier for Barry to move aboard for year than it might be for most of us. He is a software consultant and can work anywhere he can get an Internet connection.
The Venice Experiment details his move to Venice and the necessary adjustments of living in very ancient city. Barry and his wife learn to shop and socialize like Venetians. It is not always easy. Even getting mail and a web connection takes a little more savvy and patience than in modern America.
Frangipane is evenhanded in pointing out the foibles of living in an old city, as well as when praising its pleasures. He raves about the wonderful food and the genuine friendliness of his neighbors. Your mouth will water at his descriptions of everyday groceries and pizza places. But you won’t envy him and his wife as their belongings –including her designer shoes – become covered with mold in their first floor Venetian flat as the tides rise.
This is a fun read for avid travellers and armchair travellers alike.