Dark rich sweet antioxidants

It’s no secret that women love chocolate. Some say it’s better than sex. But did you know that it has eight times the antioxidants of strawberries, and that dark chocolate can even help lower blood pressure? Dark chocolate as part of balanced diet can help to reduce bad cholesterol, too.

So don’t deny yourself if you love it. But remember to eat only about 100 grams, or a quarter of a dark chocolate bar, if you are watching your weight. One popular and affordable brand of dark chocolate we like is Nestlé Noir.
Each individual wave-like shaped piece has been formed to complement the palate and optimize the zones of contact and heat transfer points in the mouth. This influences the chocolate’s melting point and consequently the perceived texture, as well as flavour and aroma release. This makes a little go a long way, which is key to getting all the benefits and pleasure from good chocolate without over-indulging.
Our editor Alice Farnsworth tried it. She said it was delish!