Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub

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Belli skin care is made with ingredients safe for expectant mothers or anyone else who wants safe and pure skin care. Belli Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub gently whisks away dull dead skin for a healthy glow. It contains antioxidant-rich green tea extract and ginseng, as well as refreshing peppermint oil. I love using this to smooth my feet and elbows.

A large tube costs $24.

All Belli products are allergy tested and contain no artificial dyes or fragrances, phthalates, paraben, preservatives. They are cruelty-free and have only safety-screened ingredients.


A new classic

Natural skin care from Greece, it’s a favourite of Scarlett Johansson and Eva MendesHave you heard about Sponge Skincare, the gorgeous new beauty regime from Greece? It’s a favourite of Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes, both known for their glowing complexions. I confess that I too have become devotee of this lush organic hand-crafted line. Thirty years of research has gone into creating the Sponge Skincare’s line, which is best-known for products such as ladi avonkanto or green gold, which is an avocado anti-aging oil.

It’s made of antioxidant-rich avocado oil. Full of Vitamins E and D, it penetrates the skin and absorbs UV rays. The non-greasy oil helps regenerate the skin and inhibit bacteria. It also moisturizes and accelerates the healing processes. My skin responded almost immediately to its healing properties and was left soft, radiant, and porcelain-looking.
Before using ladi avonkanto, I spritzed on aromatotherapia giasemi, a refreshing mist for the mind and body. I am currently using the calming and uplifting jasmine mist. Jasmine prevents inflammation as well as being softening and moisturizing. It contains olive leaf, an ingredient I have recently become familiar with, that has been used holistically for thousands of years. It is naturally soothing and healing.
Krema Mattia, anti-aging eye cream is a light but effective formula of olive oil, olive leaf and vitamin seed grape seed liposome.
Gel Mattia, firming eye gel is designed to reduce dark circles and puffiness with chamomile, lime blossom and grape seed liposome. Chamomile has the ability to calm. Lime Blossom regenerates, softens, and hydrates.
In both eye formulas grapeseed acts as natural antioxidant and promotes circulation.
These natural products are part of a soft effective, chemical-free approach to anti-aging.
All the products in the line have natural formulas of botanical careful research for Maxine healing. Many of the products all have a base of olive oil and oil leaf which are naturally healing and nourishing. The herbs are all organic, and there are no chemicals, preservatives, or parabens. There are 11 items to beautify and pamper the face and body using timeless holistic principles.
Sponge Skincare is a soothing mind-body regimen for the woman who enjoys taking care of herself. The products are sensual and pleasurable to use. 



Balanced beauty without harmful additives.

 HEIKO Natural skin care with organic ingredientsIf you have been looking for a simple, effective skincare line free of parabens, additives, and perfumes Heiko maybe your dream product.  Heiko means balance in Japanese; it is also the name of a new skincare line developed by Shirley Duplessis, a homeopathic biochemist.  

“It is not easy to find effective natural skincare products that both feel good on the skin and respect the environment,” Duplessis explained talking about her creation. “You will not find any parabens, perfumes, or preservatives in our formulas. Each product is perfectly suited to all skin types and helps to restore skins balance quickly and continuously. Products are enhanced with essential oils making Heiko soothing for both skin and senses.”

Heiko is luxurious to use. I particularly like the HEIKO Exfoliant. It is refreshing and very gentle too. The HEIKO Age Defense Moisturizer SPF 15 contains zinc oxide. This is a bonus, if like me; you sometimes react to chemical sunscreen. It blocks UVA and UVB rays while moisturizing your skin. The essential oils in it make it smell divine. 

The line is simple to use with only a few basic products: HEIKO Cleansing Lotion HEIKO Exfoliant, HEIKO Age Defense Moisturizer and Protect with HEIKO Age Defense SPF 15. The complete line of products is available across
Canada at Pharma Plus, Loblaws and at select health food retailers. Heiko can also be ordered and shipped to Canada and the U.S. from Priced from $35-$45 each.  


Natural beauty

Vapour Color CosmeticsThere is nothing we like better than a good Aretha Franklin song, in this case, “(You make me)Feel like a natural woman”. The tune came to mind when we tried Vapour, a new colour and treatment line by Eric Sakas. He describes Vapour as the fusion between health and beauty.

Vapour Colour Cosmetics has a signature base of light dry plant oils and a blend of anti-inflammatory frankincense, antioxidant Tulsi, lotus flowers and pure mineral pigments. There is a full line of products, many of them unique and perfect for a natural woman.
Status Instant Skin Perfector is a stick of pure magic. It contains frankincense, Tulsi, and lotus flower oil. Used under makeup or alone, it reflects light, diminishes fine lines, and brightens and evens skin tone. I like keeping it in my bag to refresh my skin from the drying effects of air conditioning and heating. A quick swipe over my check bones and around my eyes was the magic I needed to glow in dry artificial air!
The Aura Multi-Use Blush for Lips Cheeks and Eyes has the same fabulous ingredients. The colour is soft and natural. I like to keep this handy in my bag too. The colour is so soft I can wear it all day from AM to PM and look fresh and natural. The bonus: my skin soft and fresh too!
The Trick Stick is a light reflective sheer tint. It looks fabulous swept over cheekbones, eyes, or lips for a hint of sparkle and radiance. The Trick Stick is unique in that it is 100 percent natural and chemical free with 70 percent certified organic ingredients. This is simple way to add instant glamour to your regular makeup for the holidays. 
Vapour is a luxe line of natural products that perform beautifully. There are also a foundation, lipsticks, glosses, and eye shadows They are sheer and weightless on your face. The pure, beneficial ingredients will make you fell good about wearing them –as will the company’s commitment to the environment.

What doctor can do for you!

 Recently I chatted with top Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Fardad Forouzanpour  While Dr. Forouzanpour is an experienced and highly-qualified surgeon he is also extremely knowledgeable about skin care. He also agreed to answer many questions readers have had about procedures.Dr. Forouzanpour

Dr. Forouzanpour was able to establish that there is no risk to Botox or dermafillers when properly done. “They can definitely make someone look more refined and refreshed,” he told me, “and there is no down side to repeating it”.
Dr. Forouzanpour described an exclusive new treatment his office offers called a hyaluronic acid facial. Three streams of oxygen push a thin stream of hyaluronic acid into the skin, which is exfoliated, moisturized, tightened, and plumped as a result. 
There is another treatment called the Oxy-Glow facial that leaves the skin glowing and translucent looking. After a gentle microbrassion, the skin is bathed in oxygen and then infused with an antioxidant serum alternating with red and blue LED light to stimulate collagen production . This is done in a series of three treatments over three weeks. Dr. Forouzanpour told me it makes the skin look luminous. I think it sounds heavenly.
If you plan on having plastic surgery now or in the future, you had better not smoke. According the doctor it interferes with healing and the final results. If surgery is not for you, Dr. Forouzanpour explained you can get results from other treatments that will make you can look better. Botox will last between three and five months for most people, depending on their individual muscle structure and other factors. Juviderm, a dermfiller, lasts about six months. Restylane, similar filler, lasts for about four months. Raddiesse can last for about a year. These different fillers can be used to fill lines between your nose and mouth called parenthesis or marionette lines, fill out thin lips, and even adjust lost volume in your face. Sculptra takes multiple injections to get the final results as it stimulates new collagen, but it can last for more than one year. Fat transfers using the patient’s own fat are popular. Each time it is done 20 to 30 percent of the new fat may begin to graft permanently. For more fascinating information about fat transfers see the doctor’s blog
For more about Dr. Forouzanpour, visit