What are your hands saying about you?

Lady Gaga Hands speak volumes about a woman. They can give away her age or make her look sloppy, or even cheap and unprofessional. What are yours saying about you?  Luckily, it’s easy to make your hands look beautiful. If you don’t have the time or budget for a regular manicure, learn to do it yourself. Wear polish in a clear or light neutral colour. Polish on natural nails will chip in less than a week no matter who applies it. When it chips repair it immediately. I like to have a bottle of any colour I wear on hand for repairs or quick redo. Or, remove the polish and replace it with a quick coat of clear to protect your nails. Chipping happens when you use your nails as a tool, so don’t. It also occurs when you get your nails wet; they can swell up, causing small cracks in the polish. This happens when you wash, do chores, or shampoo – so it is sometimes inevitable. Learning to polish your own nails or repair a chip is easy. It will save you time, energy, and money too. At the very least, get a bottle of remover and some clear nail lacquer to keep things neat between appointments.

Age spots, wrinkles and old-looking hands are a bit harder to fix, but easy to prevent. Like your face, hands respond to care.
Hands respond to the same care as your face.Tips from a top plastic surgeon
Dr. Gerald Imber is a leading plastic surgeon in New York, and one our most valued anti-aging experts (www.drimber.com). He shares his tips to keep hands looking beautiful and ageless:
·        A manicure with a rich, creamy fast-absorbing moisturizer containing SPF 30 to moisten, soften and protect;
·        A gentle hand massage using a rich anti-oxidant serum preceded by a scrub and a warm towel to exfoliate dry hand skin;
·        The gift of a good night’s sleep is priceless.
Everyday tasks such as changing diapers, washing dishes, preparing meals, and gardening outdoors can accelerate the appearance of aging on a woman’s hands – bringing about tired, dry-looking skin and brown spots. 
Costly procedures are not the best route to pretty hands
Dr. Imber believes that cosmetic procedures performed on the hands don’t always lead to the fountain of youth. He tells patients that peels, laser resurfacing, and fat injections sometimes work very well, but not always, and not for everyone. The best
policy is prevention. The three steps important for the preventative treatment of aging hands are:
·        Sun block
·        Antioxidant serum
·        Exfoliation
When all three steps are applied regularly, hands will look younger and feel beautiful. “We guide our patients to use Youth Corridor (www.youthcorridor.com) Antioxidant Boost along with Soothe and Defend moisture/sun block, both of which deliver great results,” Dr. Imber says.
He believes that diligent daily care can help retain the firmness, radiance, and overall beauty of the skin. In addition, self-help and small procedures done earlier can stop the clock and have proven successful for decades. 
Dolce Dolce Tip
We love the Youth Corridor line. After applying them to our face daily we automatically apply them to our hands and décolleté too. Then we top up the sun screen all day long.
Manicure dos and don’ts
Whether you do your nails at home or go to a nail shop, here is a check list for healthy and gorgeous nails:
·        Do always use base coat or a coat of clear on nails to protect them from the elements or polish pigments;
·        Do Choose polishes that are free of the harmful chemicals.  I use OPI, Nicole, London Butter, Essie, and Chanel polish. And then be sure to use a top coat with a sunscreen to prevent yellowing;
·        Do make sure anyone who works on your nails uses only fresh clean disinfected tools or new ones, or bring your own tools with you. Keep your own tools spotless;
·        Do always have nail polish remover at home to get rid of any chipped polish;
·        Don’t let anyone cut you your cuticles. Cuticles are there to protect your nail bed from infection and damage. You can trim hang nails, but cutting and rough treatment can lead to nail damage and fungus. Be gentle. Instead rely on cuticle remover and oil to keep hands looking good;
·        Don’t leave dark polish or acrylic nails on for weeks without proper upkeep that is how nail problems begin. Change all polish weekly. Have all types of nail services such acrylics or gels maintained regularly or refrain from using them at all. Clean short shiny nails look better than any toe of glam nail that’s neglected;
·        Don’t put your hands under UV nail dryers. They may cause skin cancer, just like tanning beds. Cancer on nails has been seen in frequent users. Ask to dry your nails with a fan.
Summer nail trends
·        Graphic nails – These fun patterned nails from Minx, OPI, or Sally Hansen, feature easy at-home application. The look is fun, but best for vacation or weekend, unless you work in a very creative environment. These trendy nail covers are also not too durable.
·        Metallic – This look is hot for summer. Check out hot metallic finishes added to pretty shades of coral and pink. Gunmetal and steel shades are trendy too – we love the gunmetal shade from Chanel.
·        Mix and Match – Try wearing a soft peach on your fingers and hot coral on toes, or a burnished copper on your hands and a sunny yellow on your toes. If you like blue and green, try light aqua on your fingertips and a metallic blue for your feet. Colour combos, as well as the retro matchy look, are all the rage, so play it is only nail polish after all! ????
·        Soft neutrals — Soft pastels are pretty for summer and look great with a tan. Ask to see the bridal collection. Or try a cafe au lait, pale mauve, or coral, if you are tanned. Even the much maligned French manicure is making a comeback thanks to Lady Gaga, but keep it soft and natural looking.
So darlings, be sure your hands look stunning this summer.