Microcurrent at home

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Chances are if you have had a posh facial recently you have been offered a microcurrent treatment. I have had microcurrent treatments for years. My acupuncturist, Fang Wang in Toronto works miracles with electric acupuncture facials.  Some facialists who offer the treatments call microcurrent a type of “facelift,” but it is not. The results are much more subtle, but it does make your skin look better. Microcurrent will help your face remain toned and firm looking, but it will not significantly tighten saggy skin or remove visible lines and wrinkles. I love this treatment. I like it so much that I have had my own professional machine for several years for when I can’t get to Fang. 

Salon microcurrent treatments cost anywhere from $65 to $200 each. To see results you should have them regularly so a home unit pays for itself in no time.  Microcurrent treatments are easy and quick to do at home. 

The theory behind microcurrent is that electrical stimulation rejuvenates the skin.  The low level electrical current stimulates skin at a cellular level and it also helps to increase circulation and therefore maintain volume. The theory, backed up by research, shows that the low-level electrical current can promote healing of the soft tissues and bones.

Recently I tried the Myotone home Microcurrent hand held unit.  I really liked the compact little unit but I wanted to know what made the Myotone better than other home units. The makers of Myotone have assured me that, “Myotone is set to the exact frequency that is recommended for the best results toning muscles according to multiple research studies. This level was determined by clinical studies done on microcurrent.” The Myotone has also been specifically designed to be light and easy to use. It has small probes that target all muscles in the face. The Myotone also comes equipped with dual rechargeable, lithium ion batteries that do not need to be replaced by the user like other devices. All of these features are pluses in what is becoming a competitive market.  

I also like that you can use the Myotone with serums as well as with conductive gel; the current helps the serums penetrate. Salon treatments often use microcurrent to help one or more anti-aging serums penetrate. Many home machines are not designed to do and can even require annoying gel pads that need to be replaced with each treatment.

 Microcurrent is an effective non-invasive anti-aging treatment to add to your anti-aging regime to maintain volume and prevent sagging. A home microcurrent unit is a great investment.  The Myotone is one of the best home microcurrent machines I have tried. It is easy to use, comes with a DVD, and has great customer support and information. The rechargeable batteries and being able to use serums also make it a winner.