Exotic, crime thriller!

Kishwar Desai's Witness the Night is a twisted tale of murder, envy, and age-old prejudice set in small Indian city.
Kishwar Desai, an Indian journalist and daughter of Indian police detective takes on the hidden world female infanticide and police corruption in her compelling debut novel.
As the story opens, social worker, Simran Singh returns to her home town to investigate a grisly and sensational murder. She has been called in to assess Durga, a 14-year-old girl who has been accused of murdering her entire family. The girl has been found in her burned-out home, covered in blood.
The authorities can’t decide if Durga has been raped, or if Durga has killed her family to cover up an illicit love affair. And Durga is not talking.
As Simran investigates she becomes convinced that the girl is being railroaded for her sizable inheritance.
Simran must face ghosts from her own past as she runs into old friends and rivals as she uncovers dangerous secrets while searching for the truth.
Witness the Night is fascinating portrait of a culture caught between the old world and the new. Kishwar Desai also offers a chilling look at how greed can motivate ordinary people to commit hideous acts of evil.
I loved the gruff and quirky character of Simran, and cannot wait for her next appearance.

Witness the Night is an unusual and thrilling read that will delight the fans of crime