Mother’s Day fantasy

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From the fabulous late Jackie Collins’ scorching bestsellers to E. L. James’ erotic sensation, 50 Shades of Grey, it is clear that fantasy fuels desire.  It’s not that soccer Moms and career women want to run away to join harems – though many might want to become Jackie’s famous heroine, Lucky Angelo, if they could manage it – but the fantasy can be a turn-on.

So, this Mother’s Day why not give yourself, or let it be known you want your own idea of a sexy little fantasy.  Dressing up can really put you in the mood.

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You can order everything you desire, from a lace mask, to a sexy harem dancer outfit. There are costumes that will let you play out scenes from any movie or drama you can imagine. Measure carefully and order from the high-end for well-made, wearable outifts.