A darkly intriguing love story

More Like Her by Liza Palmer is dark and intriguing mystery. I adored this book.Frances idolizes her new school principal, the beautiful, married Emma Dunham. Frances has everything going for her but confidence. A recent breakup with her gorgeous but selfish boyfriend left her devastated.
Her two closest friends are having their own issues. Her best friend Jill is preoccupied with a crisis that threatens her marriage. She is too busy to comfort the shattered and depressed Frances. Frances focuses on work and Emma.
When the beautiful Emma is violently murdered in front of Frances, she becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of Emma’s life and death.
Frances learns that no one is perfect.
Palmer examines the dark insecurities that haunt all women about appearance, weight, and friendships. She weaves insights about the realties and vagaries of modern womanhood into a compelling mystery. Palmer is the author of bestsellers like Conversations with a Fat Girl and Seeing Me Naked that tap into vulnerabilities that make her books relatable.