St. Valentine’s Day Rosé

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Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day can be a be a lot of fun as long as you don’t get caught up in expectations.


If you are in a new relationship, keep it light and fun. Do not try too hard or go over the top

with too many clichés or your romantic evening can flop.


Instead of looking for a big night at the swankiest place in town on the

busiest night of year consider a smaller place where you know the service and food is great

or maybe have a buffet dinner with other couples.

Moet & Chandon Imperial Rosé NV  radiant pink bubbly is available in cute littleVintage

Minis are perfect for a more casual party or the traditional 750mL size, $20 and $55.

This pretty, pink bubbly its bright fruitiness and intense bouquet of red fruits and florals

makes an elegant end to your pretty, romantic evening, paired with a rich chocolate treat and sweet berries


For a more serious relationship, you may want to dine more intimately a deux.  

Moët & Chandon Grand Vintage Rosé 2006 is the perfect choice.

This delightful and romantic vintage champagne, with its notes of stone fruits and sophisticated depth,MartiniRose

will take you all through the meal and dessert. $ 90.


If pairing off isn’t your thing, or isn’t happening right now, that’s no reason to hate St. Val – the day that celebrates love.

Gather your group and throw a party. Make it as jazzed up or laid back as you like

– after all darlings, this your “vie en rose” and life can be just as sweet and bubbly single

– so celebrate! After all what group of good friends doesn’t like a night of good films

or a dance party with bubbles and treats?


MARTINI Sparkling Rosé Minis, served in big punch bowl of ice, are supper cute

for a movie or dance party. Many like to serve this sweet little bottle with a straw.

I prefer to offer it French style over ice in a big wine glass.   I even like a dash of Chambord raspberry liquor.

Why not offer it both ways? If you don’t have Chambord you can offer a little pomegranate syrup in a pretty decanter.


This pretty pink sparkler has a delicate floral note but is not too sweet.


It pairs up delightfully with cheese, chocolates, and elegant desserts.


It is also perfect for a party, at only $14.99 for a cute 4-pack of minis and $12.99 for the traditional 750 m.