Kindess costs so little

Life can be even sweeter when you let others share the spotlight. In public situations, it is nice to be careful to include everyone. Just attend any class reunion and you will see the social scars some people still carry from high school. It may seem silly to you, if you’ve waltzed though life unscathed. I know I was shocked to hear how hurt some very lovely and creative people had been by casual acts of cruelty and neglect. Be kind darlings — it costs so little and can mean so much!

Also don’t miss The Hedgehog! This is a very special French film based on the international best seller, The Elegance of the Hedgehog. I adored this film. It is the endearing and quirky story a brilliant young girl’s search for meaning as she enters puberty, and a plain middle-age woman’s blossoming. We will have full review of this film in our next issue.
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