Beautiful natural curls

Dolce Dolce's Angela is a girl with natural curlsI know girls with natural curls always feel they are hard done by. They tell me that their hair is hard to cut and manage. They complain that few products can control their lush locks.

Personally darlings, I adore the lush pre-Raphaelite look, but in this recent heat and humidity, I can see why they are singing the frizzy blues!

Mizani is a hair care line designed to enhance the true texture of naturally curly hair. It has a cocktail of hair-taming ingredients: anti-breakage cermatides, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, apricot oil, and fruit sugars. This line cleanses conditions, protects, and shines. There is a sulfate-free shampoo that won’t strip hair. This is fabulous for coloured hair too!The line also includes Cleansing Cream, for between shampoos if your hair so dry you need to clean it but want to skip the shampoo. It also includes Curl Replenish, an intensive moisture masque, and Defining Curl Cream. Don’t even think of using this if you don’t have curly hair. This is just for them.